10 thoughts while getting dressed

I have no idea why this subject came to me in English, but it did so I just went with it. Maybe this could become a thing ? We’ll see.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you all the serious, deep and sometimes destructive thoughts that come through my mind when I choose my clothes in the morning.
Why ? Because I want to make sure I’m not the only one having breakdowns over such a non-problem with my hair still wet (aka the one who also ends up with no energy left before the day has even started). Picking an oufit is either super easy or the hardest thing I can ask my brain to do before the sun’s even up. Why ? Because I am so many different things, darling. And, of course,


So here are a few thoughts that go through my mind while I stand half naked in front of my closet, praying for clothes that I don’t have to actually appear and make this nightmare end.
  1. What should I wear today ? I’m just going to brush my teeth, put my foundation on and detangle my hair before I even have to face that question. (How did my mom do it ?!)
  2. Feeling like ? Going back to bed. Mood ? Going back to bed. What do I want ? To go back to bed. No, but for real, what mood am I in ? SHUT THE FUCK UP I HAVEN’T FIGURED OUT MY MOOD YET IT’S 7.30 AM I’M STILL HOPING THIS IS ALL A DREAM.
  3. So what can I do to look as cool as Gwen Stefani ?
  4. How right was I, the day I bought this simple Roxy t-shirt dress that goes with absolutely everything and makes my life easier. Too bad I don’t want easy today.
  5. I don’t know why I even bother : half of the clients that come in wear slippers with a huge coat over their pjs. They think I don’t know what’s underneath (an endless story) (cheers to Shakira). I do.
  6. I want to wear this cashmere sweater I saw (and didn’t buy) at Zara last week. I have to, cause nothing else will do. Not moving til I get it. Don’t care if I arrive late. Want the cashmere. Waiting.giphywaiting
  7. I  want comfort but style but warmth but originality but simplicity
  8. I totally forgot about this Zadig & Voltaire sweater. How can I forget about a 250$ sweater ? My mind never ceases to amaze me *sees things the right way*.
  9. What would Sophie Fontanel do ?
  10. And this is how it usually ends…
    *Grabs a random grey sweater with eyes barely open* I’ll just put red lipstick on.



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